Worship Service

Where do I go? What do I wear? What time should I get there? Will I fit in?

If this is your first Sunday at New Braunfels Church of the Nazarene (NBNAZ), these are questions you may be asking. (No worries; you've come to the right place.)

Sunday morning worship begins at 10:45am, but you'll probably want to get here a few minutes early.  When you get to NBNAZ, grab a cup of coffee (or hot tea or hot chocolate) and a doughnut or muffin.  Watch the monitors to learn about upcoming events. You can also find out what all is going on here at NBNAZ by talking with our wonderful people at the coffee bar. Feel free to bring refreshments into the sanctuary, mingle with other people, and figure out where you'd like to sit.

We ask everyone to fill out a Connection Card; share whatever information you would like, but please give us your name so we know you were here; share a praise or prayer request; and, if it's your first visit, give us your contact information so we can mail a card & gift to you.

As for what to wear, that's entirely up to you. Some people prefer to wear their "Sunday best" (aka: suit & tie, or fancy dress) because it's a nice change-up from "work clothes" all week; others come in jeans and a t-shirt because it's more relaxing. No matter what, wear what's comfortable to you. After all... it's not about how you look; it's about coming together to grow in our faith.

See you here!


9:30am - LifeGroups for all ages and nursery care

10:45am - Worship Service

5:00pm - Adult LifeGroup (off campus - Cibolo)

6:00pm - Young Adult LifeGroup (off campus - New Braunfels)


6:00pm - Worship LifeGroup (anyone is welcome to visit, check the group out and see if there is a place to serve)

7:00pm - LifeGroups for all ages and nursery care

(CLICK HERE for more information about LifeGroups)