Enjoy these free resources courtesy of https://www.gocurriculum.com



Treat your kids to an indoor Easter scavenger hunt from Children's Ministry Deals. Parents, there is a coloring page followed by cards for you to print and hide (per the directions).The "prize" mentioned could be an Easter basket, a toy, a hug, or a coupon for a reward of some kind (the right to choose a family movie or game to play, perhaps).


Or use this Easter Story scavenger hunt; print the image and check off the elements of the story as you hear them read.


Use these cards to review or retell the Easter Story.  Dig a little deeper if you


Enjoy this 20 page activity book, with puzzles and coloring pages, from https://www.gominno.com


There are SO many free resources available and it would be overwhelming to print all the links here.  If you want more information, please email the church office and let us know what you'd like to see.  Videos? We can help.  Puzzles or coloring pages?  Many from which to choose.